For light duty use throughout the workplace, rolling carts serve a number of functions, and are flexible enough for use in most situations. These small trucks are designed with ease of use in mind, and include a number of refinements to make them safe and stable in use, and prevent any damage being done to goods as they are moved around.

Thanks to their well thought out design with three separate trays to hold components or other material loads, these rolling carts are ideal for use next to a work station where the operator can stock them with the parts they will need for an entire shift of construction. Then when the next shift takes over, the cart can simply be replaced with another fully stocked version to minimize any lost time, and improve productivity. Likewise, if a person is employed specifically to deliver stock to each workstation, the carts can be replaced whenever required, and then restocked off the floor to be returned to service as soon as they are needed.

Having equipment like rolling carts on hand means that you can tailor the pace of work within a factory to increase efficiency wherever possible, and thereby boost profits.

Look for quality rolling carts that feature a number of extras that mark them out as superior, and as a result, offer fantastic value for money. Firstly, find the best quality components throughout the construction of the carts. Trays that are made of high density plastic wears well, and is resistant to most accidental spills. An integrated design of the units allows for maximum ease of use. Look for carts that feature a usable area of 6 square feed per level, meaning that on a three tier model you will have an enormous amount of room in which to lay out any tools or other items when in use.

The rolling carts have been designed to be easy to control in use. Unlike supermarket carts which can sometimes appear to have a mind of their own, these carts feature two fixed casters and two that swivel. This allows for the best possible levels of control in use, and prevents any accidents from happening.

One of the best aspects of the design of these rolling carts is that the two or three layers all have a 4 inch high lip around the edge to prevent items for rolling off when they are moved. This consideration to the design has been added to ensure that expensive or valuable items are less likely to be damaged during the construction process.

Thanks to the choice of wither a two or three layer design being available with these trucks, they are suited to a number of different purposes, from moving light items around the distribution center, through to standing in as a mail cart for the office run if no alternative is available, they will soon prove to be one of the most flexible and usable tools in your line up, making a wide range of different tasks much easier.

Although these rolling carts offer excellent value for money, the designers have been careful to ensure that no corners have been cut in the manufacturing process, although to keep the cost as low as possible, they are supplied “knocked down”, and require a small amount of construction to be carried out before they can be put into use.